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ManCloud Hotel software offers an unseen flexibility.

It's a real-time modular platform that can be tailored to your needs. That is why ManCloud is currently being used by hundreds of customers, ranging from Hotels to Hostels, resorts, apartments, group accommodations and even office workspaces
By offering the system as a service with a fixed monthly fee, the investment is very limited and spread into time. Additionally, you can freely choose the hard- and software you use. ( PC, MAC, Linux, Windows ). ManCloud has a wide range of integrated modules that add value to your organization.

Booking engine, administration, point of sale, maintenance, marketing, management, agenda, mailbox, reporting, offers and contracts, ...
All information is centralized and presented in a very clear and intuïtive way.

Thanks to the user-friendly approach you don’t need a specialized hotel management education to work with the system.
Mancloud helps you to stay in control, any time, any place.

Why ManCloud ?


  • Future proof
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Intuïtive and enjoyable user experience
  • Simple administration
  • Booking engine
  • Automated communication
  • 2 way integration channel manager
  • Low investment and operational cost
  • All included price
  • 7/7 support

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Why Cloud based ?

Cloud In the hospitality industry there is a huge transition going on from ‘on premise’ hotel software to ‘cloud-based’ systems. Why I hear you think ? Because the advantages are that important that they can‘t be ignored.

  • Available any place any time
  • Platform independent
  • No large investments in hardware required
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Applications are constantly improved
  • Easy to scale
  • Professional hosting and security
If anybody needs convincing that this is a super company to work with, look no further! We are a hotel in Switzerland - Berghaus TONI and use Mancloud - Hotel Software Simplified. This morning ( sunday morning) we have a group who is checking out but for one reason or another our system was not playing ball ( as computers do sometimes at the most inconveniened times!). On a Sunday morning at 8.30am, I wrote an email to Mancloud explaining the problem. Within 15minutes it was all sorted and I could get on with my check out! Now that is what I call service! Thank you so much guys. It might have been a small issue for you to sort out but it looked quite big to me, but it was sorted immediately. Very much appreciated! Berghaus Toni - Swiss