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Allegro - Popsy

Allegro offers with Popsy a rang of accountant- and bussinessmodules, dependent of your activity.
The packages are for SMEs or entrepreneurs, as well as for accountants.
ManCloud PMS offers a full 2-way interface with all Popsy accounting-modules.


Exact offers many accountancy products. Exact online is the most used online software programme in the Benelux.
ManCloud PMS offers a complete 2-way interface with Exact online.


Hoteliers.com helps you to be less dependent on parties who asks commission over your reservations.
Our goal is to help you achieve better results.
We offer an all-in-one solution to deliver more value and to keep the money at the hotel.


Lightspeed is a innovative mobile iPad/iPod/iPhone cash-register-system for restaurants, bars and hotels.
It is possible to put the restaurant tickets directly on the room of the guests, trough the 2-way POS connection with ManCloud PMS.

My Allocator

My Allocator is a budget channel manager which offers connectivity with a lot of specialized booking websites for hostels.


Due to their online cloud-based accounting program, Octopus is a full custom-made accounting package.
ManCloud PMS offers a 2-way interface with Octopus Accounting software.


De Octorate channel manager has a modern and user-friendly application with 120 OTA-connextions.
ManCloud PMS Offers a 2-way link with Octorate.

Qui Access

QuiAccess is the exclusive Mancloud partner for self check in, access control and kiosks.


Siteminder is the leading cloud platform for online room inventory and rate management.
ManCloud has a certified 2-way interface with Sitminder.

Stardekk - Cubilis

Stardekk is a developer of web-applications for the hospitality sector, like Cubilis is good working Channelmanager.
Cubilis has a 2-way interface with ManCloud.


Payments from within the Mancloud PMS Powered by Stripe. With a fully integrated, global platform that can support online and in-person payments.


As hospitality system integrator, Ubicum offers a range of television solutions, which are compatible with all segments: from a traditional COAX to an interactive IPTV.
ManCloud PMS has a cloud-based link with the hospitality system of Ubicum.

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  • +32 (0) 50 960 950
  • info@ubicum.be
  • http://ubicum.be/

Unit4 - Venice

Since 1985, Unit4 develops Venice, a software for double entry accounting, invoicing and stock monitoring.
Mancloud PMS offers a 2-way link with this quality and up-to-date software.


Winbooks is an accounting and management program for entrepreneurs, SME's and non-profit association.
ManCloud PMS offers a 2-way link with the Winbooks cloud-based accounting software.

Wolters Kluwer - Expert/M plus

Expert/M plus is one of the newest accounting package from Wolters Kluwer.
ManCloud PMS offers a 2-way interface with Expert/M plus Accounting software.


Zonarev is a Mancloud integrator and also offers yield management and booking applications to hotels and resorts.