Why should you activate Stripe in your ManCloud platform?

Well, Stripe allows you to:

- Request credit card details from within ManCloud via an integrated link sent directly to the guest (telephone and email requests are not allowed)
- Request advance payments (percentage or total amount) via an integrated payment link sent to the guest
- Charge credit card details imported in ManCloud in just one click within the booking of your guest
- Receive and store credit card details in a safe, PCI compliant way

Main advantages VS manual / offline processing

*Secure your credit card data and easily process payments via Stripe.
*Secured storage of credit card details
*No visible credit card data
*PCI compliant
*Automatic checks for fraude, funds and suspicious cards
*Booking statuses change automatically + confirmation e-mails are sent automatically (Time saver!)
*Professional refund and dispute handling

I know what you're thinking "So how do we get this thing started??"
You can easily activate your Stripe account from within your ManCloud platform.
Go to 'Configuration' > 'Payment provider' > 'Connect with Stripe'.

Follow the steps, fill in your company details and set-up your account in less then 5 minutes.
After you've completed the set-up we will update your platform. Once Stripe is activated you will receive an e-mail with a guide on how to use the Stripe features.
Check the tutorial

What does it cost?

Simple pricing strategy: pay per successfull transaction, no hidden account or setup fees.

Below you find the pricing of Stripe. ManCloud charges an application fee of €0,10 / successful charge.

Requesting and importing credit cards is free of charge.

Want to get started?
Contact Mancloud on info@mancloud.eu or submit a request from within your PMS