ManCloud Hotel Software integrates Stripe payments to deliver the ultimate payment experience

Why should you activate Stripe in your ManCloud platform?

Well, Stripe allows you to:

- Request credit card details from within ManCloud via an integrated link sent directly to the guest (telephone and email requests are not allowed)
- Request advance payments (percentage or total amount) via an integrated payment link sent to the guest
- Charge credit card details imported in ManCloud in just one click within the booking of your guest
- Receive and store credit card details in a safe, PCI compliant way

Main advantages VS manual / offline processing

*Secure your credit card data and easily process payments via Stripe.
*Secured storage of credit card details
*No visible credit card data
*PCI compliant
*Automatic checks for fraude, funds and suspicious cards
*Booking statuses change automatically + confirmation e-mails are sent automatically (Time saver!)
*Professional refund and dispute handling

I know what you're thinking "So how do we get this thing started??"
You can easily activate your Stripe account from within your ManCloud platform.
Go to 'Configuration' > 'Payment provider' > 'Connect with Stripe'.

Follow the steps, fill in your company details and set-up your account in less then 5 minutes.
After you've completed the set-up we will update your platform. Once Stripe is activated you will receive an e-mail with a guide on how to use the Stripe features.
Check the tutorial

What does it cost?

Simple pricing strategy: pay per successfull transaction, no hidden account or setup fees.

Below you find the pricing of Stripe. ManCloud charges an application fee of €0,10 / successful charge.

Requesting and importing credit cards is free of charge.

Want to get started?
Contact Mancloud on or submit a request from within your PMS

Update Release May 2016



Management now has access to the user settings in ManCloud. Management can change the location access, default language, start page and password of each user. Each user is assigned to a group list which management can administer.


Due to improved security measures ManCloud users now need an encryption key to access credit card details. Check the tutorial ‘How to access credit card information’ to learn more about this feature.


As we got a lot of questions from customers on how to manage overdue invoices we added an overview of all the ‘overdue invoices’ in the administration tab.

Try out the quick links which allow you to have an overview of the booking and use action buttons quickly. Move your cursor to a booking in the room rack & press the space bar.

Sometimes one booking contains multiple rooms. Each room within this booking has the same guest name. From now on you can link existing or new guests to room numbers via the dashboard. This feature can help you manage too much trash in the related contact function, without losing significant information. At a glance you get an overview of who is leaving your hotel and who will show up at your front desk. So you will have more time to have a chit chat with your guests.


Spare time and design your own e-mail templates in ManCloud! If you are sending certain e-mails regularly you can create a personalized e-mail template and use this in different scenarios.


Troubles finding an invoice? With the use of a wild card (*) in the search box you will be able to find your invoices by only using a part of the invoice number. This way it will be easier to track invoices.


Earlier the booking status 'Paid' meant that all payments are settled, regardless if you already generated an invoice. We've got a lot of requests from ManCloud users to add a booking status 'Invoiced', because on accounting level generating an invoice means that the booking is paid.

Recently generating an invoice is considered as a payment (or a payment delay). When the total amount of the booking is invoiced, the booking now gets the status 'Paid'. This way reception can close a booking and the accounting department can follow-up outstanding payments.


You can print an arrival list as well as a departure list via the dashboard. The arrival list can be used as a police sheet.


Improved room rack view

Improved housekeeping report

Translation issues fixed

Improved Out of Order button

Updated Spanish police report

Bug fix booking status

Fix add allocation in booking form

Discount now visible on receipt

Export reports as a zip file

Related contact as invoice contact

Have a look at our support page to check our new tutorials

Lightspeed POS connection


We are very happy to announce that the new Lightspeed connection went live. From now on ManCloud users can transfer tickets from Lightspeed directly to a room.

ManCloud integrates exclusively with Lightspeed, allowing us to go a little further in the offered features.

  • Consolidated revenue reports (POS + Hotel report)

  • Export of all revenue to accounting software (POS + Hotel report)

  • Re-assign tickets after transferring to the wrong room

  • Contacts are visible in Lightspeed (name and room number)

This connection is compatible for black box and Lite server users.

Lightspeed connection is upon request.

Update Release Fall 2016



Besides transferring tickets to the room, you now have the possibility to send tickets directly to a folio. This allows you to invoice bar or restaurant tickets of a company or regular client without reservation on a daily / weekly /.. basis.


Create a credit note in one click


Change all stay prices within one booking in one click


More information mentioned on the dashboard, arrival and departure list
- Arrival and departure time mentioned on the dashboard
- Guest linked to a room appears in arrival and departure list


Updated housekeeping report

Quick link to folio in booking details

'Invoiced' balance in booking details

Print e-mail

Bigger font receipt

Price fix keyword %document_items_short%

Credit card expiry date extended

Switch first name & last name in room rack

Time zone fix

Days mentioned on arrival and departure list

E-mail fix SPF record avoiding e-mails treated as spam

Fix rateplan in markup balloon room rack

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